*Topics of Light, Love & Motivation*

Many might be wondering so what are these Topics of Light. 

To me these are messages or motivational ideas that I wish to share with you in hope of adding some light and inspiration to your day.

I have read quite a few motivational and inspirational books and I am sure that I will still read many many more. 

Sometimes a concept can seem foreign but when explained in simpler terms, it all makes sense. 

I hope you enjoy this part of my blog and may it bring you a little bit of light. 

If you have topic suggestions, please let me know. I'd love to hear from you, so that we can connect. 

Love and Light


August - December 2013:

Be Different, Be magical, Be YOU 
Flexibility of Life
Accepting and Letting Go
Healthy Boundaries

The Four Agreements ~ Part 1: The Smokey Mirror
The Four Agreements ~ Part 2: The Dream of the Planet
The Four Agreements ~ Part 3: The First Agreement ~ Be impeccable with your word
The Four Agreements ~ Part 4: The Second Agreement ~ Don't take anything Personally
The Four Agreements ~ Part 5: The Third Agreement ~ Don't make assumptions
The Four Agreements ~ Part 6: The Fourth Agreement ~ Always do your best
The Four Agreements ~ Part 7: The Toltec Path to Freedom ~ Breaking Old Agreements
The Four Agreements ~ Part 8: Heaven on Earth & Wrapping up this topic

Lights in the Darkness
Negative Spirals
Our Powerful Minds
Are your dreams your own?

January 2014:

The Five Levels of Attachment: An Introduction
The Five Levels of Attachment: Chapter 1 ~ An exploration of perception and potential (Part 1)
The Five Levels of Attachment: Chapter 1 ~ An exploration of perception and potential (Part 2)

February 2014:

Mini Book Review: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
The Five Levels of Attachment: Chapter 2 ~ Understanding the Personal Dream & the Dream of the Planet
Guest Post: Angel Whispers: Mental Strength by Russel Forsyth
The Five Levels of Attachment: Chapter 3 ~ Knowledge and Attachments (Part 1)

April 2014:

June 2014:

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