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Chanzie's Backpack iPod travels #4 - Homeward bound


Yes yes yes.. I know... MIA... and all that but surprise!!! No rules remember... So lets get to the last bit of my Malaysia trip done and dusted so I can post about more recent stuff.. to be honest I considered not posting this at all but I need the completion feeling ha ha ha. 

Here are the previous posts #1 , #2 & #3 if you need a refresher...

So I thought my trip back would be a tad less uneventful.... I was wrong! I was up at 6 so that I would be nice and early for my taxi which was supposed to be there at 7! I don't know if the lady never booked a taxi for me or if he just didn't show. Reception ended up having to order a new me a new one which was late as well. This seemed okay.... until I got to Salak Tinggi and found out I had missed the last train by 5 minutes and had to wait another 20 for the next one to arrive. 

When I arrived back in KL I grabbed a quick bite to eat at burger king, I was so excited to try out this cheesy chicken wrap thing #westernfood... as I got to the front... The dude put up a sold out sign! Just my luck... Anyway.... From there I caught the train to KL Sentral and was so hoping to catch the ETS train back to Penang which would only take 2 hours instead of 4 - 5 hours. Unfortunately it only left at 4pm... I wanted and needed to be back in Penang by then as the Thai Embassy closed at 4pm! So I then had to mission all over this place only to find out I needed to catch another train to another station called Pasa... (something I don't remember) and walk to the bus station. #Eish
I ended up right where I arrived in KL! Which was fine because I actually knew my way around the area and Chinatown ha ha ha

Here is what I don't understand about traveling in Asia... Why does it always cost more to go back than to get somewhere??? It cost me 2 Ringett more for the ticket to get back to Penang and the bus wasn't as nice, but what could I do - I was just happy to be heading home.

I finally arrived in Penang at 2pm-ish and needed to make my way to Chulia street and get to the embassy before 4pm!!! I met some more crazy cool people, 4 backpackers from Austria and 2 from France. They needed place to stay so I showed them the way to my guesthouse as a recommendation. Funny I am not normally the tour guide in a place I barely know!
20 mins later I caught the 401 Rapid Penang bus and made it to my guesthouse at 3:10. I ran to Banana tours and managed to catch a taxi at 3:30 and made it to the embassy just in time at 3:55pm... cutting it fine but I got my passport back - thank goodness otherwise I would have to wait another whole day. The taxi driver totally ripped me off but I had little choice as the embassy was in a remote area and I would battle to find one back. So we live and learn. 

It cost me more to get to and from the consulate than a bus ticket back to HatYai or to KL!

After checking into my hotel properly I ventured out to find the market called Little India. It was so beautiful. I was in search of some coconut oil or shampoo stuff for my friend Keelyn but A) i didn't know the shop name and B) I wasn't actually sure what I was looking for. But I did end up finding 2 nice pairs of shoes and got a henna tattoo on my had. Why not I say!

On the way back I got stuck at a little antique shop while there was a mini rainstorm and chatted to 3 polish peeps. One funny enough actually lives in Hat Yai. #Smallworld

That night I mission to find the Manchester United burger store (which was totally worth it) before heading out for a drink with my 2 new Austrian friends. At the reggae place we met 2 Australians, a German (surprise surprise ) and a Columbian. We had some fun, went to play some pool. I was teamed up with Mr Aussie. We actually won both games. It was tons of fun. Here are a few things I saw quick quick... Aussies really are similar to RSA peeps. He was a typical player and Ms Germany was flirting  hard with him. Mr Aussie was trying to keep his cards open and play all the girls wahahahaha *not falling for it* 
I did have fun teasing the situation though. Ms Germany was not my biggest fan and her and Ms Columbia were way to drunk for their own good. Fun times I tell you.

The next morning I was so excited to head home! Malaysia is fun but Thailand is my home. This was a good sign to me. The morning itself was not uneventful..  my receptionist friend took me to get some potato breakfast hashbrown thingy which was really good. I thought I almost missed my bus and ran with all my stuff to Banana Inn but thank goodness Mr Minivan was just a bit late. I was so happy to hear them speaking Thai... go figure!!

Mr Minivan's name was Yen. He couldn't speak English at all but appreciated my attempt at Thai ha ha ha I helped him find one of the houses to pick up a passenger (thank goodness I can count in Thai 555) before we headed home to Hat Yai. At first Yen was a bit freaked out and like 'aaaahhh a freaking Foreigner/Farang' but he thawed out a bit. Guess it because I also asked to sit in the front seat because there was more space instead if being cramped in the back next to people.

So on my trip to Penang and on my way to Hat Yai we got pulled off by the cops and it was basic bribery! They had to pay them 50 Ringett straight up behind the van somewhere. Corruption everywhere I tell you. Yen just laughed, shook his head and paid the cop before calling whoever he needed to. Same as my first minivan driver. And then it happened a second time! I really felt bad for him. He really was so sweet.

At the last stop before we crossed the border back into Thailand I met 3 cool Italians at the place we stop to prepare our passport departure cards. I am amazed at how many people are able to just backpack and travel for months on end! Its crazy cool. The one Italian dude who is a chef says he only drinks tequila! Like he can finish 2 bottles by himself. He does not drink anything else at all not beer, whiskey wine nothing. If I drank that I'd get alcohol poisoning and be sick for days man!!! Days!!!

Anyway there is no better than arriving back home, to your own space and breathe in all that familiarity. 

Hope you enjoyed the trip with me. 

Peace out my lovely peeps x

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